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The story

Do you remember the feeling of receiving a real postcard? Not as a part of an obligatory procedure of greetings exchange, but a real one - with a design carefully selected by the sender reviving common memories and with a clear sign of his or her personality. With warm words, written by heart.

To reignite this feeling, two friends who are living far from their home countries - Josh from USA, who currently lives in Denmark and George from Ukraine, who currently lives in Malta - decided to create a website which could help them be in touch with their families and friends. Once we created it, we realized that there are a lot of possible ways of using it to make our life better and connect more closely with our loved ones.

Create a design to send a message

Conveying your message visually can make it more impactful and easily understandable. Use a photo you have taken, or find a picture which you like to express a feeling. Let the receiver know that you remember and understand him or her.

Share your ideas and passion

Take a couple of minutes to share what you are excited about with people who will appreciate you.

Personal touch

Add your own words to any image. It could emphasize the picture or give it completely different - often funny or impressive meaning.

Some ideas how to use our service is a tool with full flexibility for communication. Create a basic design by browsing our examples and using the images and tools within the site, upload your own image (minimum 1875 x 1275) and use our editing tools, or construct a completely custom design on your computer using any image you like and any editing tools you like. When your design is ready, simply upload it, compose your message on the back of the card, and press send. If you know the receiver’s address you can easily enter it, and if the receiver is a new acquaintance who you are connected with on Facebook, we will request the address for you and keep it confidential. This way you can avoid the awkward process of asking for an address, and the best part is that the card will be a complete surprise that way.

Say "I love you"

Believe us - sending your own design of a card to your loved one is completely unforgettable. She will be telling all the girls at the office how great her man is.

A great party requires great invitations

Build anticipation and show your guests this will be a night to remember. Set the theme of the party, or put some personality into the invitation to entice your guests.

Send a picture to grandma

As of 2015, our eldest generation seems like they still haven’t quite embraced the digital age. Why not send a picture with a message to give them a warm feeling they haven’t felt for a while.

Say "sorry" with a charm

Saying sorry can be an unpleasant challenge. Let sendmecard help by allowing you to give an innocent apologetic gesture to help open the door again.

Create your own design

Nothing is out of the question. Just let your imagination run free. See if you can win one of our contests for best card, and get free credit to get in touch with your friends or loved ones.

Share you smart ideas

Give your colleagues something to physical and visual to ponder when you’re sharing ideas. The exchange could be much more productive as a result.

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It only takes a few minutes - whether you upload your own photo or use a ready made design.

Keep in touch

If you have questions, suggestions and ideas - we are always glad to hear from you. Even reports about bugs found, inconveniences, and fails will be appreciated.

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