Send your selfie, lovely photo or funny picture as real post card in a minutes. Express your love and care.

Cost of sending card is just US $5 (printing and worldwide postage cost included), minimal balance top up is US $20

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Not a digital disappearing act. Not a set of fragile pixels destined for a dark place on a remote server. Not to be deleted before it’s seen. Not to be instantly forgotten.

A moment of a memoir to be held and seen and preserved for a time. This is what we help create. This is an element that is fleeting in the world of now.

A card which can be grasped in the hand from a personal connection is more impactful and more significant, and won’t dissolve with the swipe of a touch-screen.

It can be playful, or serious, or anything in between. That part is up to you. We only promise that it will be delivered and held. And as all of us have experienced with picture prints, it will probably be displayed for a time and talked about at breakfast or dinner. This is our mission for our customers. We strive to provide the tools to allow you to conveniently create a memory or significant message in under 1 minute on your mobile phone.